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Let yourself be seduced by Anthony Fratello
Anthony Fratello is the place to go for minimalist fashion, a kind of fashion that exudes elegance, grace, and warmth. We offer a variety of accessories ranging from watches and bracelets to shades and other Accessoires. Embrace enrapturing, yet, minimalistic 21st-century fashion with Anthony Fratello. We design products with fine aesthetics of millennials as well as of Gen Z.

Sicilia more than just Glasses
Sicilia is the first model from "Anthony Fratello". These Sunglasses are also suitable for ladies and gentleman. (Unisex) All glasses are Polarized, beside that they also have an UV Protection of 400. Now, lets talk about more details:

Frame size height
55 mm
Frame size wide
146 mm
Frame color
gold-black/ steel
Glasses black/ polarized
UV Protection
Accessories Case, cleaning wipe

Why Sicilia

Anthony Fratello launched it's first Collection called "Sicilia". Inspired by the largest Island in the Mediterranean Sea, south of the Italian Peninsula.


Never thought this would be one of my favorite Sunglasses. Thanks for the fast Shipping and clean process. #anthonyfratello #sunglasses

Timo Baumgärtner, Germany

Grazie, really good Sunglasses for a cheap price. I am waiting for the Watches, definitely will order them aswell.

Ismaele Baldini, Italy


environmental friendliness

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